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'fluid walls'

An element in architecture that plays with the amount of transparency between inside and outside. The walls will grow and bloom ones the sun starts to shine. During the day these colored clouds will float alongside the facades of a building providing shades where needed.

Amount of sunlight.

Fluid Walls consists of 2 glass panels with 2 fluids trapped inside. One that is totally transparent and one that is colored and opaque. Because the fluids slightly deviate in density they don't mix.

When they're not influenced by any form of heat they lay on top of each other providing you with a clear view through the glass.

However, when the sun hits the glass, the fluids will get warmer and want to move upwards.
Because they're captured in a very narrow transparent space you are able to see this process very clearly.

This mysterious occurrence provides slowly transforming shadows inside a room when it’s being enlightened by the sun outside.

Showing the Fluid Walls prototype during the Dutch Design Week 2015. Photo by Gerlo Beernink Photography.

Close up of Fluid Walls when heated by external source.